Swiss Society
for Endangered Languages


Project proposals can be submitted to the Managing Board at any time. They are (a) examined with respect to their conformance to general and specific criteria for eligibility, (b) evaluated, and (c) accepted or rejected. In general, preference will be given to applications by natural persons who are employed or study at a Swiss university. Proposals must provide detailed information on aims, costs, and time frames for the planned activities and of the project’s relevance. They must comply with the aims of the society:

Two types of proposals are possible:

1. Up to 1500 CHF
2. 1500 to 4000 CHF

Type 1 is mainly intended for financing travel. Per diem allowances are explicitly excluded. In addition to research trips, students who are working on endangered languages may apply for funding for participating in summer schools.

Type 2 is intended for financing small but complete documentation projects and/or research stays.